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About BTA
Behdis Tadbir Atieh Company, through a decade of production, is trying to introduce products with superior quality and value to the market by using up-to-date knowledge and relying on motivated and creative employees to improve the lives of consumers. We believe that the international community deserves the best and we will do our best to achieve this In this regard, the company's research and development unit is looking for products with new and unique ingredients that the consumer, in addition to meeting their needs, feel the excitement of using new and special products.

Bencer carbonic toothpaste includes active carbon which is abrasive , anti bad breath, disinfectant and cleanser .

Carbonic toothpaste absorbs uncomfortable chemical and it washes out germs and food colors .it also makes your mouth aromatic

Bencer mint toothpaste with its mint essence makes balance amongstmicrobes which exist in our mouth and make our mouth aromatic the adequate amount of existent fluoride in this mint toothpaste prevenys dental decay and upholds enamel. 

Bencer Full mouth wash ,reduce dental plaque ,washes leftover out of your teeth, due to including poly sorbet  sodium saccharin and phosphoric acid with the aim dental plaque penetration and dental surface reduction

Bencer carbonic dental floss includes active carbon and mint essence so it draws out all tiny edible ingredients and it disinfects and cleans all germs between teeth and makes your mouth aromatic.

Daily carbonic shampoo active carbon ,tea tree oil savory mountain essence and lime. Active carbon is absorbent,so it can deeply clean your head skin. Tea tree oil makes balance in sebum and it prevents dandruff and dryness. savory mountain is anti-bacteria therefore it makes your skin clean. lime prevents acnes which appear on head skin and since it is antioxident ,it makes head skin detoxified.

Has attractive pattern and beautiful packaging and its strawberry flavour which is super yummy encourages children brush their teeth. suitable for children 2-6 Without any whitering and erosive substances.

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